What is VulnTracker?

VulnTracker is the first mobile app (iOS devices only) with a focus on power system cybersecurity. Receive notifications whenever a new vulnerability is discovered or view the latest standards from NERC and IEEE.

Essentially an engineer in your pocket, VulnTracker helps you do the following:

  • Receive instant vulnerability push notifications
  • Turn on/off notification for each vendor
  • Sort vulnerabilities based on publication date or criticality score
  • Share vulnerabilities with a colleague via a text or email
  • List of industry power system cybersecurity standards
  • In-app viewing of power system cybersecurity best practices and implementation guides
  • Keyword search filter (RTU, PLC, relay, NTP, DNP, DoS, …)
  • View a complete list of commonly used relay function code

Why VulnTracker?

The New Grid

Every aspect of the modernized electric grid relies on a cyber asset. From microprocessor based protection relays to microwave communication equipment, today’s electric grid is evolving at an astonishing rate. This trend will continue as technologies become even cheaper and the desire for an energy efficient grid exists.

Shifting the Odds

The purpose of VulnTracker is to place the power back into the hands of those engineers and technicians responsible for designing and maintaining the grid. For too long, the knowledge of cyber vulnerabilities was only in the hands of a malicious actor while those responsible for the grid were left in the dark and completely unaware of these potential threats.

More Than Just Defending

One common misconception in cybersecurity is that a device has to be deliberately attacked before it will fail. This is not always the case and a number of vulnerabilities and software bugs have been found that caused a device to stop working while in operation. In addition to tracking exploitable vulnerabilities, VulnTracker also tracks these type of software bugs.