Power-View: A Workforce Collaboration & Data Fusion Tool

To help support the power industry during these unprecedented times and to facilitate social distancing, GridIntel has made Power-View completely FREE for a limited time. This is only for the duration of these hardships and is meant to add another layer of defense for those who work so hard to ensure that the electrons keep flowing. View the video on this page, to learn more about our substation/T&D asset, storm restoration, and construction management tool. Accessible anytime and anywhere, Power-View could be the solution you're looking for.

Role Based Viewing & Document Sharing During Construction & System Restoration Events

This video demonstrates how individuals with different roles and physical locations in Power-View can: Contribute to a project, share and update documentation, create or update schedules and project status, perform a physical inspection, respond to a system event, use Power-View data to request material, generate work orders, and reduce response time.