Manage your fleet, deliver your project, and connect your data so that you and your customers can sleep well at night.

A user-friendly solution for asset owners, allowing data to be managed in a single browser-based platform. Purpose built by power engineers for the power industry.

Assignment and tracking of frequency-based and incident-based tasks
Track nameplates, job walk photos, and image/video data related to your assets
View Asset Information – from pole class to voltage configuration
View design drawings, permits, approvals, and historical inspection data
GIS View of assets on map
Manage project and track project completion
Complete inspection forms and build custom forms for your utility’s use cases. Prefielding checklist? Equipment readiness survey? Transformer oil tests? Power-View can do it all.

Jared – Lineman

Get drawings to determine what pole configuration was supposed to be, fills out inspection form once work is complete, and updates asset status.

Marissa – Document Specialist

View relay and pole drawings and make updates in Power-View based off of changes or repairs. Changes are version controlled in case any mistakes are made.

Carl – Relay Technican

Received task assignment from Power-View, fill out relay test results in Power-View, and mark the relay as being tested.

Kira – Supervisor

View distribution repair status and relay test results in real-time via reports dashboard.

Before Power-View

Documents are managed separately from asset properties and status. Work orders are managed separately. Drawings for assets have to be manually printed out when completing work. Multiple passwords required to access multiple systems.

After Power-View

One login brings a dashboard with all information related to your fleet into view. Always be aware of the health of your fleet.

Manage Asset Information

Power-View links together tasks, statuses, drawings, documents, videos, and pictures to your fleet of assets.

Frequency-based Inspections

Automatically generate frequency-based inspections for assets with assignments.

Inspection Templates

Robust form builder for constructing inspection templates to manage your poles, relay panels, and everything in between.

NERC and OSHA Compliance

The reporting and inspections can be leveraged to maintain NERC and OSHA Compliance

3D GIS View

View your assets in 3D overlaid on multiple high-resolution mapping tiles.

Secure by Design

Single-tenant design employs a defense-in-depth model, using industry best practices, including multi-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption.

Manage Projects

Manage documents, assets, and milestones for your projects.

Designed for Users

Intuitive interface, easy data import and free technical support. Designed for people, not for robots!

I have seen its real time application and benefits on at least two large EPC projects.

Project Engineer

It is very user friendly and walks you through the step-by-step process of starting and customizing a new project.

Project Engineer

Amazing! Changes to project statuses, drawings, and information are pushed to all authorized viewers in real-time.

Engineering Manager
Bring Your Data Together.

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